Subject " Eggs and poultry"

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Marketing standards for eggs: correcting the Spanish language version
Marketing standards for eggs
Marketing standards for eggs
Resolution on animal welfare, antimicrobial use and the environmental impact of industrial broiler farming
Marketing standards for free range eggs where hens' access to open air runs is restricted
Imports of processed poultry meat: autonomous and conventional duty rates
EU/Brazil and EU/Thailand Agreements: modification of concessions on processed poultry meat
Resolution on the EU laying hens industry: the ban on the use of battery cages from 2012
Animal health conditions governing intra-Community trade in and imports of poultry and hatching eggs. Codification
Resolution on imports of poultry carcasses
Common system of trade for ovalbumin and lactalbumin (repeal. Regulations (EEC) Nos 2783/75 and 4001/87). Codification
Common organisation of agricultural markets (CMO): marketing standards for poultrymeat
Poultry: production and marketing of eggs for hatching and of farmyard poultry chicks
Market in eggs and poultrymeat: exceptional support measures where restrictions are placed on free circulation in case of animal diseases and a drop in consumption (amend. Regulations (EEC) No 2771/75 and (EEC) No 2777/75)
Animal health conditions: imports from third countries of fresh poultry meat (amend. direct. 91/494/EEC)
Animal health conditions: imports from third countries of poultry and hatching eggs (amend. Directive 90/539/EEC)