Subject " Programmes and actions in audiovisual sector"

Dossiers (19)

European Media Industry Outlook
EEA Agreement: amending Protocol 31 on cooperation in specific fields outside the four freedoms (Creative Europe Programme). EU position
Implementation of the current Creative Europe Programme 2021-2027
Additional qualitative and quantitative performance indicators
Creative Europe programme 2021–2027
Creative Europe programme 2014-2020
Audiovisual sector: cooperation programme with professionals from third countries, MEDIA Mundus
EC/Switzerland agreement: audiovisual field, participation in the programme MEDIA 2007
EC/Switzerland agreement: participation in the MEDIA Plus and MEDIA Training Community programmes
Audiovisual sector: implementation of a programme of support for this European sector, MEDIA 2007
Programme to encourage the development, distribution and promotion of European audiovisual works (MEDIA Plus - Development, Distribution and Promotion): extension until 2006
Training programme for professionals in the European audiovisual programme industry (MEDIA-Training): extension until 2006
Audiovisual industry: development, distribution and promotion of works, MEDIA-Plus 2001-2005
Audiovisual industry: training programme for professionals, MEDIA-Training 2001-2005
EC/Cyprus agreement: participation in a Community programme within the framework of the Community audiovisual policy programme MEDIA II
Community audiovisual policy: participation of Hungary in the MEDIA II programme
Audiovisual industry: MEDIA II 1996-2000, development and distribution of European works
Audiovisual: training scheme for professionals of European programmme industry, MEDIA II
Audiovisual: programme to develop the European industry MEDIA 1991-1995