Subject "6.40.04 Relations with the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS)"

Dossiers (35)

Relations with Belarus
Proposal for a Recommendation to the Council, the Commission and the Vice-President of the Commission/High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy on relations with Belarus
EU/Armenia Agreement: facilitation of the issuance of visas
EU/Armenia Agreement: readmission of persons residing without authorisation
Resolution on Ukraine
Resolution on bi-annual evaluation of the EU-Belarus dialogue
Eastern Partnership
Resolution on the EU strategy towards Belarus
Trade and economic relations with Ukraine
Enhanced agreement EC-Ukraine: negotiation mandate
EC/Ukraine agreement: readmission agreement
EC/Ukraine agreement: facilitation of the issuance of visas
EC/Kyrgyzstan agreement: air services
EC/Ukraine Partnership and Cooperation Agreement: Protocol to take account of the accession of Bulgaria and Romania
Technical assistance and information exchange Programme TAIEX: extension to the countries eligible for the European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument ENPI
Resolution on Ukraine
European neighbourhood policy
EC/Ukraine agreement: partnership and cooperation agreement, protocol after the 2004 enlargement
EU/Belarus relations: prospects for a future partnership
Relations EU/Ukraine: common strategy
Nuclear sector, safety: actions for the CEECs and the New independent States NIS
PHARE programme: decentralized system 1990-1995. Special report 3/97 Court of Auditors
Ukraine: action plan
EC/Ukraine Partnership and Cooperation Agreement. Protocol following the 1995 enlargement
EC/Moldova agreement: partnership and cooperation agreement, protocol after the 1995 enlargement
EC/Belarus agreement: interim trade agreement
Resolution on the partnership agreements with the NIS
PHARE. Annual reports 1994 et 1995
EC/Moldova interim agreement
EU/Belarus agreement: partnership and cooperation agreement
Partnership and trade agreement EC/Moldova
Partnership and cooperation agreement EC/Ukraine
EC/Moldova Partnership and Cooperation Agreement
EC/Ukraine agreement: interim agreement on trade and trade-related matters
EC/Ukraine Partnership and Cooperation Agreement