Subject "6.40.07 Relations with African countries"

Dossiers (51)

Towards a comprehensive Strategy with Africa
EU/Agency for the Safety of Air Navigation in Africa and Madagascar (ASECNA) Cooperation Agreement: developing satellite navigation and providing associated services in ASECNA’s area of competence for the benefit of civil aviation. EU position
Southern Indian Ocean Fisheries Agreement. EU position
Allocation of funds decommitted from projects under the 10th European Development Fund for the purpose of replenishing the African Peace Facility. Proposal for a Council decision
The Commission's proposal for "Attracting skills and talent to the EU", particularly the Talent Partnerships with North African countries
Resolution on threats to stability, security and democracy in Western and Sahelian Africa
EU-Africa relations
Recommendation to the Council, the Commission and the Commission Vice President/High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy on Horn of Africa
The future of EU-Africa trade relations
Strategy with Africa
Address by Nana Akufo-Addo, President of the Republic of Ghana
EU-Africa Strategy
A new EU-Africa Strategy - a partnership for sustainable and inclusive development
EU-African security cooperation in the Sahel region, West Africa and the Horn of Africa
Reform of the EU asylum and migration policy in light of the continued humanitarian crisis in the Mediterranean and Africa
EU-Africa strategy: a boost for development
EU/Agency for Aerial Navigation Safety in Africa and Madagascar (ASECNA) Cooperation Agreement: development of satellite navigation and provision of associated services in ASECNA's area of competence for the benefit of civil aviation
Khartoum Process and the forthcoming "EU-Horn of Africa Migration Route Initiative"
Resolution on the implementation of the Interim Economic Partnership Agreement (IEPA) between the European Community and the Eastern and Southern Africa States, in the light of the current situation in Zimbabwe
EU support to United Nations and African Union peacekeeping operations
Human rights situation in the Sahel region
Resolution on violence against lesbian women and the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) persons in Africa
Declaration on Science Capacity Building in Africa: promoting European-African radio astronomy partnerships
EU strategy for the Horn of Africa
Resolution on Sudan and South Sudan: the situation after the 2011 referendum
Resolution on the future of the EU-Africa strategic partnership following the 3rd EU-Africa Summit
Restrictive measures in respect of Zimbabwe
EC/Guinea agreement: Fisheries Partnership Agreement
One year after Lisbon: the EU-Africa partnership at work
Second EU-Africa Summit (Lisbon, 8 - 9 December 2007)
Resolution on the situation in Darfur
Resolution on Zimbabwe
Advancing African agriculture - Proposal for agricultural development and food security in Africa
State of play of EU-Africa relations
Southern Indian Ocean Fisheries Agreement SIOFA
Horn of Africa: EU regional political partnership for peace, security and development
EU/South Africa relations: strategic partnership
Resolution on the situation in Togo
Development strategy for Africa
EC/South Africa agreement: additional protocol to the Agreement on trade, development and cooperation following the 2004 enlargement of the Union
NEPAD, the new partnership for Africa's development
Resolution on the International Aids Conference in Durban, South Africa, July 2000
Resolution on the EU-Africa Summit
Resolution on the International Aids Conference in Lusaka, Zambia
Resolution on the refusal of the Council to approve the draft Agreement on Trade and Cooperation with South Africa
EC/South Africa agreement: trade, development and cooperation
Resolution on the negotiations for a trade and cooperation agreement with South Africa
Resolution on relations with South Africa
Southern Africa/EC relations: support for rehabilitation programmes
EIB loans for South Africa: Community guarantee to the European Investment Bank EIB against losses
EC/South Africa Cooperation Agreement