Subject "8.20.20 Enlargement's employment and social point of view"

Dossiers (13)

Women's rights in the Balkan accession countries
Free movement of workers – temporary restrictions affecting the Romanian and Bulgarian citizens on the European Union labour market
Social inclusion in the new Member States
Employment: candidate countries' policy, joint assessment papers
Economic and social cohesion: regional trends, debate on future developments: 2nd interim report
Economic and social cohesion: consequences of enlargement, policy after 2006. 1st report
European social dialogue: establishment of a tripartite social summit for growth and employment
Equal opportunities and enlargement
Employment and social issues in the applicant countries
European monitoring centre for drugs and addiction EMCDDA: assistance to applicant countries (amend. Regulation (EEC) No 302/93)
Health and social policy: participation of Romania in the Community programmes
Agenda 2000: European Social Fund ESF
AGENDA 2000: economic and social cohesion