Subject "3.30.03 Telecommunications, data transmission, telephone"

Dossiers (43)

EU green public procurement criteria for computers, monitors, tablets and smartphones
EU green public procurement criteria for data centres, server rooms and cloud services
European citizens' initiative: 'Stop (((5G))) - Stay Connected but Protected'. Commission Implementing Decision
Radio equipment: application of the essential requirements
Essential requirements in order to ensure caller location in emergency communications from mobile devices
Future for telecommunications, fair use and intra-EU calls
Technical requirements and test procedures for the EC type-approval of motor vehicles with respect to their 112-based eCall in vehicle systems, of 112-based eCall in-vehicle separate technical units and components
Resolution on the forthcoming World Conference on International Telecommunications (WCIT-12) of the International Telecommunication Union, and the possible expansion of the scope of international telecommunication regulations
Interoperability of mobile phone chargers
Reaping the full benefits of the digital dividend in Europe: a common approach to the use of the spectrum released by the digital switchover
Media concentration and pluralism in the EU
Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications (BEREC) and the Office. 'Telecoms Package'
Telecommunications: implementation of the regulatory package. 8th report 2002
Resolution on ECHELON
Echelon interception system
Resolution on mergers in the telecommunications sector
Implementation of Community telecommunications rules. 5th report 1999
Telecommunications: unbundled access to local loops of operators having significant market power
Resolution on transatlantic relations, Echelon system
Telecommunications, broadcasting, transport: radio frequency spectrum (Green Paper)
Telecommunications, competition: cable TV networks owned by a single operator as separate legal entities (regul. 90/388/EEC)
Telecommunications: universal service. 1st monitoring report
EEA Agreement: amending annex XI (telecommunications)
EEA Agreement: amending Annex XI (telecommunications)
Information society: convergence and regulation of telecommunications, media and technologies. Green paper
EEA Agreement: amending Annex XI (telecommunications)
EEA Agreement: amending Annex XI (telecommunications)
Telecommunications: operator number portability and carrier pre-selection
Basic telecommunications services: résults of the WTO negociations
Radio equipment and telecommunication terminal equipment and mutual recognition of their conformity
Telecommunications: Value added tax VAT arrangements applicable (amend. Direct. 77/388/EEC)
Telecommunications sector: application of the competition rules to access agreements
Universal service in telecommunications: assessment criteria for national schemes for the costing and financing
Telecommunications services: numbering policy in Europe. Green paper.
Telecommunications: universal service in the perspective of a fully liberalized environment
Community policy in the field of telecommunications and postal services
Telecommunications: future development of the market in directories and other information services
Telecommunications: Implementation of full competition in markets (amend. Direct. 90/388/EEC)
Telecommunications services, use of cable television networks
General authorizations and individual licences in the field of telecommunications services (common framework)
Telecommunications : competitive environment (amend. Directives 90/387/EEC, 92/44/EEC)
Specific research programme: advanced communications technologies and services (1994-1998)
Mutual recognition of declaration and licensing procedures for provision of telecommunications services