Subject "4.30 Civil protection"

Dossiers (33)

Preparing for mass burn casualty incidents
Evaluation of the Union Civil Protection Mechanism - Strengthening EU's emergency preparedness
European Union Disaster Resilience Goals: Acting together to deal with future emergencies
EEA Agreement: amending Protocol 31 on cooperation in specific fields outside the four freedoms (Union Civil Protection Mechanism (UCPM)). EU postion
A common path to safe and sustained re-opening
Activating the emergency support under Council Regulation (EU) 2016/369 of 15 March 2016 and amending its provisions in respect of the COVID-19 outbreak. Proposal for a Council Regulation
Union Disaster Resilience Goals. Commission Recommendation
Improving firefighters’ working conditions
Union Civil Protection Mechanism
Mobilisation of the Contingency Margin in 2020: providing emergency assistance to Member States and further reinforcing the Union Civil Protection Mechanism/rescEU in response to the COVID-19 outbreak
Amending budget 2/2020: providing emergency support to Member States and further reinforcement of the Union Civil Protection Mechanism/rescEU to respond to the COVID-19 outbreak
Union Civil Protection Mechanism
Union Civil Protection Mechanism
Resolution on the July 2018 fires in Mati in the Attica region of Greece and the EU’s response
EU civil protection mechanism with own operational capacities
Recent forest fires in Portugal and Spain: EU response instruments and procedures on prevention and civil protection
Union Civil Protection Mechanism: prevention; European Civil Protection Pool; rescEU
Towards a stronger European disaster response: the role of civil protection and humanitarian assistance
Union Civil Protection Mechanism 2014-2020
Strengthening chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear security in the European Union – an EU CBRN action plan
Setting up an EU rapid response capability
European action for the victims of terrorism
Declaration on early warning for citizens in major emergencies
Declaration on the European emergency call number 112
Forest fires in Greece
Regional impact of earthquakes
Community Civil Protection Mechanism. Recast
Financial instrument for civil protection
Civil protection: extension of the Community action programme
Preparedness and response to biological and chemical agent attacks
Civil protection: mechanism for the coordination of intervention in the event of emergencies
Civil protection: Community action programme 2000-2004
Civil protection: Community action programme 1998-1999