Subject "3.30.01 Audiovisual industry and services"

Dossiers (42)

European Media Industry Outlook
EEA Agreement: amendment to Annex XI (Electronic communication, audiovisual services and information society) and Protocol 37 (containing the list provided for in Article 101). EU position
Date of application of the essential requirements for radio equipment
Charging receptacle and charging communication protocol for all the categories or classes of radio equipment capable of being recharged by means of wired charging
EU framework for the social and professional situation of artists and workers in the cultural and creative sectors
Amending certain Directives concerning food and food ingredients, outdoor noise, patients’ rights and radio equipment as regards certain reporting requirements
Implementation of the Audiovisual Media Services Directive
European Media Freedom Act
Europe’s Media in the Digital Decade: An Action Plan to Support Recovery and Transformation
Radio Equipment Directive: common charger for electronic devices
Artificial intelligence in education, culture and the audiovisual sector
Audiovisual media services: changing market realities
Use of the 470-790 MHz frequency band in the Union
Mobilisation of the European Globalisation Adjustment Fund: redundancies in the programming and broadcasting activities sector in Greece
Cross-border portability of online content services in the internal market
European film in the digital era
Resolution on completing the digital single market
Preparing for a fully converged audiovisual world
Promoting the European cultural and creative sectors as sources of economic growth and jobs
Implementation of the Audiovisual Media Services Directive
Radio equipment: harmonisation of the laws of the Member States relating to the making available on the market
Collective management of copyright and related rights and multi-territorial licensing of rights in musical works for online use in the internal market
Online distribution of audiovisual works in the European Union
Re-use of public sector information
Orphan works: permitted uses
European cinema in the digital era
Audiovisual Media Services: coordination of certain provisions of the Member States. Codification
Community participation in the European Audiovisual Observatory
Audiovisual sector: cooperation programme with professionals from third countries, MEDIA Mundus
Cultural industries in Europe
Interoperability of digital interactive television services
Media and development
Value added tax (VAT): period of application of the VAT arrangements applicable to radio and television broadcasting services and certain electronically supplied services
Coordination of certain provisions in Member States concerning the pursuit of television broadcasting activities ('Audiovisual media services without frontiers')
Resolution on the General Agreement on Trade in Services GAtS within the WTO and the cultural diversity
European Audiovisual Observatory: prolonging the Community participation
Cinema, audiovisual sector: legal aspects relating to production and distribution of works
Audiovisual policy: media and digital technology
European audiovisual Observatory, Strasburg 1992: Community participation
EEA Agreement: amending Protocol 37 and Annex X (audiovisual services)
Television broadcasting activities. 'Television without frontiers'
Audiovisual policy: strengthening the European programme industry. Green Paper